Vision / Mission / Value

  • Vision


Our vision is to facilitate a healthy integration into the community.


We want all people, regardless of ethnicity or origin, to flourish in their new communities so we work to support them and their whanau through issues such as:
• Trauma experienced through war, grief and poignant life events.
• Advocacy and support
• Budgeting and advice
• Any problems faced settling into the community


The principles that guide the way we work with people.
WEFST staff and services:

• Are accessible and non-discriminatory
• Acknowledge that people come first
• Operate within our code of ethics
• Respect human rights
• Are qualified and competent to work with people
• Recognize Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the founding document of our nation and for our relationship with Māori
• Recognize New Zealand as a multi-cultural nation of a diverse ethnic mix.