About Us

Waikato Ethnic Family Services Trust (WEFST) was established in 2010 with the support of New Zealand Ethnic Social Services Auckland (NZESS).

In 2010, the manager, working for NZESS Waikato, set up the WEFST.
In 2012, Waikato Ethnic Family Services Trust (WEFST) was organised from NZESS Waikato and Waikato Middle Eastern Community.
About us

Waikato Ethnic Family Services Trust (WEFST) seeks to be a representative ‘voice’ of Waikato middle eastern community and other ethnic communities.

Who are we?

WEFST is a network of Middle Eastern groups operating within the Waikato City of Hamilton.
WEFST provides representation for its member groups at decision-making processes level of statutory agencies in the Hamilton.
WEFST seeks to enable member groups to meet their aims and objectives and thus contribute to community cohesion strategies
What do we do?

Some of WEFST’s activities include:

1. Organising workshops, Cooking Class, Driving Lessons, Budgeting Advise, Youth Forum and Gardening for the benefit of its members.

2. Consulting with member groups to obtain their views and opinions and to be informed of their needs.

3. Attending meetings of statutory agencies and responding to consultation documents to represent WEFST views, needs and aspirations.

4. Hosting events to celebrate and commemorate WEFST achievements.

5. Representation on the Waikato Migrant Resource Centre.

6. Reflecting the views and concerns of WEFST communities.

Disseminating relevant information to its members.